Planned Parenthood

This was initially going to be a comment on Facebook to a friend’s post. He is in the army (not sure if that’s relevant) and someone I greatly respect, but there are a couple things with his post that I felt needed to be clarified. I also don’t like stirring up issues on Facebook, though, because I think broader political topics tend to bring out not the worst in people, but the disingenuous. He also didn’t ask for rebuttals and it’s not like I disagreed with what he was saying. It’s more that I felt a need to drive a larger point: that we can’t be okay with these decisions.

His post:

I support a woman’s right to choose in every way possible…that said…we knew that defunding of planned parenthood was pretty much bound to happen considering our government. Whats important to remember is that it isn’t going away…they didn’t cut these programs they’re defunding them…they’re still there. While its frustrating that people don’t want to support a company like that with taxpayers dollars, we must help each other out. donate to planned parent hood. help them to help us. just my thoughts on the issue not really looking for any rebuttals or arguments. just some thoughts I had this morning.

Scribbled quickly in Notepad, my comments:

People also didn’t want integrated communities for fear of the market values  on their homes dropping. We live in a country and there is a lot a lot of things we’d prefer our money to go to, but it comes down to what we believe to be morally/economically soluble and representative of our national best interest. Poverty is a massive problem, widely understood to be the base-most issue that stems into the many things ailing our social climate. Contraception is a provable solution to this.

It’s also the statements these decisions represent that worry me. If it’s true that we vote with our dollar, then what is our government actually voting for? I fully support people shelling out their own money for something like this, but discretionary spending is so adhered to the national consciousness that it worries me what this will mean for women 20 or 30 years down the line.

And what if people don’t fund it? In the financially fraught climate that many Americans find themselves (especially the ones immediately impacted by the things PP deters) is it right to expect the people to bank-roll it? I feel that we do vote with our dollar, but if PP goes under, I’d be remiss to blame market interest. Plus, with inevitable overpopulation, scarcity, widened poverty gap, this is just one of many things that will only perpetuate instead of doing much to relieve individual suffering.


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